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The Tuesday after our wedding a couple of exhausted Crabs headed off to Jamaica. To fly from Philadelphia, , we would have had to connect through Chicago, and it would have been an epic

The Tuesday after our wedding a couple of exhausted Crabs headed off to Jamaica. To fly from Philadelphia,, we would have had to connect through Chicago, and it would have been an epic winter travel day with high potential for delays. By flying out of Baltimore instead, we were able to fly direct to Montego Bay.

Personal photo / First married selfie

It was an easy train ride from Philly to BWI and an easy flight from BWI to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Personal photo / Arriving in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Based on the recommendation of many TripAdvisor reviews, we had arranged transportation to the hotel via Kenny Tours. Since the trip is more than 90 minutes long,,, the driver makes a stop at a local tourist market where we were encouraged to pick up supplies for the drive and for our stay. We picked up a few Red Stripes, some water,, a small bottle of rum, and some fruit punch. It turned out to be just the right amount for our trip! We also sampled Rum Cream, which is a delicious cream liqueur that is like island Bailey’s! We bought a small bottle to take home.

The bus driver, Sheldon, entertained us during the long ride by making it more like a tour. Although Sheldon was pleasant company, the two-ish hour ride from Montego Bay to Negril felt very long.?We arrived at the Rockhouse and checked in to our room just in time to catch the amazing sunset.

Personal photo / Sunset by the pool

We happened upon two-for-one drinks at the pool (we made a habit of attending happy hour at the pool). After a few delicious island drinks we walked over to the resort’s more casual “Pushcart” restaurant (menu?here), where I proceeded to take some dismal photos, which have since been deleted. So I need to rely on the interwebs to share some dinner visuals. The Pushcart restaurant has an indoor/outdoor set up and is dimly lit with strings of lights and candles.

Pushcart Restaurant / Image via The Zoe Report

We asked our server,,, Leo, for an appetizer recommendation, and he suggested the Seafood Fritaz, which was conch, snapper,, squid,, and shrimp folded into batter and fried served with spicy relish. He also brought us scrumptious cocktails of his own design. Everything was absolutely delicious.

Seafood Fritaz / Image via Rockhouse on Flickr

For our entree we shared the Nyammings Platter, which was an assortment of all the entrees: curried goat, oxtail,, curried chicken, and bushman stew served with an assortment of rice dishes.

Nyammings Platter / Image via NYC Expeditionist

We loved this dish because it gave us an opportunity to try a range of dishes all at once. I honestly can’t say which of these was my favorite,, they were all so good! Mr. Crab would definitely say that the bushman stew, which is a hearty vegetable and bean stew simmered in coconut milk, was his pick for the star of the show. It was especially good with callaloo (a vegetable similar to swiss chard) rice. He loved it so much!

After we finished dinner, all we could think about was heading right to bed even though it was only 7:45 PM! We felt a little lame because it was so early, but we were wiped! We crashed out and thus ended our first day in Jamaica.

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